Pink October

We try to be coherent. Always.
Every day, I acknowledge the luck I have to be loved, surrounded by family and friends, supported in all my endeavours. The luck to be able to move freely and to declare my love of life.
Pink October is a call to raise awareness for all women to screen breast cancer. A courageous and responsible act. But also a call to cherish and savour the present.
For the past 3 years we are supporting the Otium Center, Swiss foundation that fights against cancer and contributes to making the lives of cancer patients better. 
50% to 70% of our sales are given to the Foundation. Our floral collection that are inspired by the ir logo are available on site. Moreover, we created a special text bracelet for them: “écouter son coeur battre” which means “listen to your heart beating”. 

OTIUM: Place des Philosophes 18, 1205 Genève.