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Jewelry design house since 2011, un chic fou creates, in the Greater Geneva area, fine, original and timeless jewelry. un chic fou designs for all women jewelry that is both simple and singular, easy to wear on a daily basis, like a second skin with which we feel in harmony. They are hand-drawn in black pencil to reflect the emotion of which the sketch is the result. Authentic jewels that have a story and invite you to travel on the roads of your destiny. un chic fou is above all a vision of free life, a mischievous, surprising, poetic state of mind and a timeless style that each and everyone will be able to appropriate to live in turn a story always marked… bya chic fou!


Nathalie ROSSEL was born in 1982 and discovered her creative side as a young girl. We find drawings and paintings from her 6 years old exposed in her home. As a teenager, she experimented with collages of images from magazines, photos and postcards, and developed her sensitivity to jewelry through the jewelry designs of her mother and maternal grandmother.

She draws with her black pencil sketches of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. She created her brand, un chic fou, in 2011 and still crafts her collections that way. She feeds on the images of everyday life and her encounters to give birth to inspiration.

She wants to whisper a rhyme that each person will be able to appropriate in his personal history because the jewel will call upon a moment, a feeling, an emotion.

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Nathalie Rossel uses the best local know-how to bring her creations to life. Each piece is hand drawn with a black pencil before being produced in a local factory.

The extreme meticulousness of the jewelers of the Lake Geneva area is necessary to succeed in rendering the finesse of the creation.

Thesolid silver 925/1000 is rhodium plated for a better resistance to oxidation and a rendering close to platinum. The brass is gilded with18-carat fine gold at 5 microns for optimal durability.


Nathalie Rossel creates her jewelry with her heart. The inspirations come from his observation of life, his feelings, his meetings. The greatest reward is the feedback people give him. 

We’ve designed a special logo that captures the way YOU feel with un chic fou. A logo just for YOU!

Crazy chic jewelry has a story and the best gift is when it resonates with others. When emotions are real, shared, tenfold. These exchanges of emotions are the reason for the existence of un chic fou…and that goes straight to our hearts. Thank you!


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