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Nature offers us a marvellous setting for life, a delicate balance. As we are seeing more and more, the irrational exploitation of natural resources is gradually leading us towards changes with dramatic consequences. With a chic fou, we believe we’re all responsible.

We all have a duty to do our bit to minimize our impact on the environment on which we are so closely dependent. No matter how small! We must all do our part as hummingbirds !


Our commitment is at every level we can control.

As a designer jewelry brand, since our creation in 2011, we have always produced our jewelry locally in Greater Geneva, minimizing the carbon impact of our sourcing. We call on local partners in this same spirit, as well as to support local economic activity.

What’s more, most of our electroplating work (gilding, rhodium plating) is carried out in Geneva, by a family-run, RJC-certified company. This certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council guarantees compliance with an ethical and social code, and ensures that the raw materials it works with or obtains are produced using methods that respect people and the environment.

In keeping with our aim to minimize our environmental impact by avoiding plastic and its by-products as much as possible, un chic fou uses natural materials for all our cords, packaging and merchandising.

The cords on our bracelets are 100% waxed cotton, 100% suede or 100% natural silk.

Our jewelry pouches are also 100% natural cotton. Likewise, our gift packs are made of paper.

Finally, our merchandising consists of locally harvested and aged wooden boards, prepared by a Geneva cabinetmaker.

We are also working to reduce the use of plastic in our mailings. We are committed to using only natural materials for these too by 2025.

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Ethical and social responsibility also means not contributing to consumerism. Producing quality jewelry, locally, that l asts over time is also a way of being responsible. This is the strength of designer jewelry.

Designing and producing jewels that tell a story is our way of giving meaning to them, to avoid disposable over-consumption that is harmful to our environment.

Likewise, we don’t give in to the excess of novelty at any price. We offer one or two collections a year, unlike traditional fashion or costume jewelry. There’s a growing movement to become more measured in the way we consume and therefore produce for brands. a chic fou has always worked this way. 

We believe that everyone should do their part to make the world a better place.


We want to use our reputation to help causes that are close to our hearts, that help others and/or protect the environment.

So, since 2018, we’ve been developing a collaboration with the OTIUM center. A unique place whose aim is to support cancer patients – alongside their medical treatment – through all those little things in life that soothe both body and spirit. A place to meet up, chat and feel good.

For them, we’ve created a text bracelet in rhodium-plated sterling silver or plated with 18-carat gold:


A hymn to life and the light that dwells within us. As designer Nathalie Rossel points out, “listening to your heart beat” is about falling in love, about living in the moment, but above all, it’s about “being”.

70% of proceeds go to the OTIUM Foundation.

But one crazy chic doesn’t want to stop there, we’re planning another collaboration for an important environmental cause in 2021!