Responsabilité Environnement Sociale un chic fou, We Care – CSR


Nature offers us a marvellous living environment whose balance is delicate. As we see it more and more, an irrational exploitation of natural resources is gradually leading us towards changes with dramatic consequences. At un chic fou, we feel that we all are responsible.

We all owe it to ourselves to do our part to minimise our impact on this environment on which we are closely dependent. No matter how small! Everyone has to do their hummingbird share!



Our commitment is at all levels that we can control.

Since our creation in 2011, we have always produced our jewellery locally in the Greater Geneva area, thus minimising the carbon impact of our supply chain. We collaborate with local partners in the same spirit. It is also our way to support our local community.

Most of our electroplating work (gold plating, rhodium plating) is carried out in Geneva, in a family-owned, RJC-certified company. This certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council guarantees compliance with an ethical and social code, and ensures that the raw materials it works with or obtains are derived from methods that respect people and the environment.

Always with a view to minimising our environmental impact by avoiding plastic and its derivatives as much as possible, un chic fou uses natural materials for all our cords, packaging and merchandising.

The cords of our bracelets are 100% waxed cotton, 100% suede or 100% natural silk.

Our jewellery pouches are also 100% natural cotton. Our gift wrapping is also made of paper.

Finally, our merchandising consists of wooden boards, locally harvested and aged, prepared by a cabinetmaker in Geneva

We are also working on reducing the use of plastic in our mailings. We are committed to using only natural materials for these as well by 2022.


Responsabilité Environnement Sociale un chic fou, We Care – CSR
Responsabilité Environnement Sociale un chic fou, We Care – CSR


It is also an ethical and social responsibility not to contribute to frantic consumerism. Producing quality jewellery, locally, that lasts over time is also a way of being responsible.

Designing by hand and producing jewellery that tells a story is our way of giving it meaning so as not to be in a disposable over-consumption that is harmful to our environment.

In the same way, we do not give in to the excess of novelty at any price. We propose one or two collections per year, contrary to what can be seen in fashion or traditional costume jewellery. A deep movement is developing among consumers to become more moderate in the way we consume and for brands to produce accordingly. un chic fou has always worked this way

We believe that everyone must do their hummingbird part to work for a better world.


We wish to use our notoriety to serve causes that are important to us, that help others and/or serve to protect the environment.

Thus, since 2018, we have developed a collaboration with the OTIUM centre. A unique place whose aim is to accompany cancer patients – alongside medical treatment – through all those little things in life that relieve the body and the mind. A place to get together, to exchange and to do good to each other.

For them, we have created a text bracelet in rhodium-plated sterling silver or 18-carat gold-plated:


A hymn to life and the light that shines within us. As the founder, Nathalie Rossel, points out: “listening to your heart beating” means falling in love, living in the present moment, but above all it means “being”.

70% of the proceeds are donated to the OTIUM Foundation.

But un chic fou doesn’t want to stop there, we are planning another collaboration for an important cause related to the environment as early as 2021!

Responsabilité Environnement Sociale un chic fou, We Care – CSR