To respond to the many requests from our faithful ambassadresses (and their companions) for unique 18K gold jewellery, we have decided to create an ultra-limited collection. Finesse and poetry have guided our inspiration.  

As you know, “we are made of stardust”. This poetic vision of Life has inspired the names of every pieces in our Prestige – 18K Gold collection. As always, models are designed by hand by the creator and realized by our craftsmans-jeweller, stone-setter and polishers. The production takes place in Italy for all these extremely small series which only encompass a few pieces.

Like all our jewellery, they are made by hand, therefore will always be unique!

We have kept the un chic fou spirit: the finesse, the timeless charm, the simple yet original design.

prestige gold 18K, Prestige – 18K Gold
prestige gold 18K, Prestige – 18K Gold


Because we want to contribute, at our level, to a better world, more just and transparent, we have decided to only work with RJC certified suppliers. What does this mean?

The Responsible Jewelry Council – RJC – mission’s is to certify the best practices of firms in the supply chain for gold and diamonds, from the mines all the way to distribution. A firm that has won the RJC certification commits to put in place and promulgate responsible practices in terms of ethics, environment and work conditions. Created in 2005, the organization counts 450 members, of which 310 are certified. Our partners are among them!

We know and guarantee each of our gold, diamonds and stones suppliers for a total transparency.

prestige gold 18K, Prestige – 18K Gold


As always, Nathalie Rossel calls upon the very best know-how to give life to her creations.She demands the best possible quality as much in terms of production, diamonds or precious stones as for the finishings. 

Hence, every piece of Jewellery from our Prestige – 18K Gold collection is finished by hand and are set with natural diamonds and sapphires. Their quality is certified G-H, their clarity VS-SI. A strong commitment for an impeccable quality

The result is a unique 750 gold jewellery piece where the human hand is paramount in its execution.