Linen is a natural, beautiful, authentic, simple and elegant material. A material that speaks to us. Its qualifiers are similar to those often associated with our own creations.

From this simple observation was born the idea to develop our line of home linen.

Jewelry for crazy chic on you and linen for crazy chic at home.

As for our jewels, the productions are limited and we wished to keep the spirit of a crazy chic: the finesse, the timeless charm, the design both simple and original. Soft and warm “earth” colors, high quality handcrafted finishes

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Linen isone of the oldest fabrics used by man. More than 5000 years ago, the Egyptians were already aware of its incomparable qualities.

Its cultivation spread to France in the Middle Ages, then slowly northwards to the Baltic States, where flax is still widely grown, withgenuine craftsmanship.


The flax a chic fou comes from France (largest producer in the world and best quality) where it is grown in strict compliance with the rules of organic farming. It is, in essence, sustainable because it consumes far less water and resources – both in its cultivation and processing – than its cousin cotton and is fully biodegradable. Moreover, its culture does not require any pesticide.

Finally, both its cultivation and processing, uses the entire fiber and fabric. The plant is useful from the root to the head. During the transformation, all the pieces are used to the end to make the smallest pieces (towels, dishcloths, baskets). The approach is really Zero Waste!


For its weaving, we looked for a family business with common values of authenticity, quality, sustainability and a deep respect for human relations and know-how. We found them in Lithuania: a small family business that perpetuates production methods that respect the material and the environment. Their production site runs solely on renewable energy and is now completely supplied with solar energy by a photovoltaic park on their own site!

To work well with linen, you must understand it: know how to cut it, weave it to reveal its natural beauty. This is what motivated our choice. Unlike industrial sites that stack dozens or hundreds of tablecloths to ” slice ” at the press, our partner proceeds piece by piece! They pull the wire to cut each piece.

Similarly, the bangs are made by hand: a hand sewing comes to determine the frame, then the threads are pulled manually one by one! A meticulous and rare handicraft work nowadays.

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Broderies set torchon


We have chosen a quality that corresponds to our values. A thick (270g/m2) raw linen, pre-washed to avoid shrinkage and ensure optimal softness, while keeping that natural look that comforts us. The finishes, the seams are all made by human hand. Earthy colors have been chosen to enhance our interiors with sobriety and elegance.


We recommend washing linen at 30° or 40° maximum, always separating colors. Drying can be done in the washing machine but without too much load and at mild temperatures. For all fringed items (sets, cushion covers, etc.) a “delicate” wash is recommended to preserve the beauty of the bangs.

Customization service

To expand your home and make it your own the softness, authenticity and originality of the universe un chic fou, personalize your linen of house by delicate embroideries realized here! Colorful embroideries will make the un chic fou linens even more exceptional and unique. A word, a proper name, in the colors of your choice, will come to dress your interior… so that a crazy chic accompanies you also at home!