The perfect gift

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Company gifts are great…but often impersonal, déjà-vu or not supporting enough your true message. At best, they have little use or are simply forgotten or worse, discarded.
What if a company gift could be a piece of jewellery that you keep, love and that has a meaning?
Why not create the perfect gift yourself?
un chic fou regularly collaborates with brands, associations, stores and companies to design unique and original creations for employees and/or customers.
Store opening, major events, internal teams rewards, gifts to best clients: un chic fou will imagine jewellery that reflect your values, enhance the meaning of your message and establish a deep and durable bond with your target.
We will help you elaborate your concept and the result will always be a unique and original piece of jewellery, holding high our common values:
✓ a Swiss design,
✓ a local production,
✓ made from the heart
The perfect gift is the one you will have created! Contact us at

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