To the head, heart and body

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The MONHARMONIE bracelet has been delivering its meaningful message to you for 4 years now. I want to put it forward today because in these uncertain times we need more than ever support, softness and comfort, to the head, the heart and the body.

The future of the team and our local partners is being tested in this unprecedented context. a crazy chic wouldn’t exist without them or without you. We need to preserve these bonds of support in the hope that better days will come.

I am thinking of each of you, of all those who are on the front line and of course of the health services that work every day to preserve us.

Let’s keep in our hearts all that makes us feel good, let’s reflect on what makes sense, let’s look at the light on the horizon, let’s enjoy our home and take care of our loved ones and ourselves.

I give you a big hug,